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Chucky’s Fight – A Charity Dedicated to Knocking Out Substance Abuse




Chucky Rosa’s life has been tremendously affected by addiction -- he lost two sons, Vincent and Domenic, tragically. He vowed to make a difference through awareness and education about substance misuse – believing that sharing his experience can help save lives.

Chucky created to reach those suffering from addiction and let them know they are not alone. Both of his sons were cremated, and their ashes spread into the ocean. Every day – regardless of weather, Chucky takes a swim in the ocean so that he can start the day with his sons.  He and his wife record the swims and post each video with a positive message on

Chucky also regularly speaks with schools and organizations to help educate youth about the dangers of addiction and build support systems for those who need help.  He also provides a helping hand and resources to people struggling with addiction to help them live a sober life.

Chucky’s Fight is a member of the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of New Hampshire (RALI NH), a coalition working to address the opioid crisis in the state.

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