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Caledonian Record: National Drug Take Back Day - Senator Erin Hennessey

To the Editor:

This Saturday, April 24 is National Drug Take Back Day – a day that reminds us all about the importance of safe disposal of old or unused prescription medicines. Granite Staters have been increasingly impacted by the challenges of substance misuse and addiction and Take Back Day provides us all an opportunity to take action and fight back. Making the time for safe disposal is not only the best way to prevent loved ones from misusing substances in your home, but it could even save a life.

In addition to bringing awareness to safe disposal, we must also address the connections between mental health and substance use disorders. This past year, the pandemic has altered the course of recovery and interrupted treatment for many. With people still social distancing and feeling more isolated than usual, it is so important to highlight resources families and individuals can access during the pandemic to continue to address substance misuse and support recovery. Familiarizing yourself with the hidden warning signs of substance misuse can help you be more prepared and aware of local resources.

By taking just a few minutes this week to clean your home of unused or expired medications you can make a difference against the health crisis presented by substance misuse. Drop off locations can be found at your local law enforcement facilities.

To learn about safe disposal kits, recovery, and mental health resources available across the state, please visit Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) of New Hampshire ( Your actions today could save a life tomorrow.

Senator Erin Hennessey

Littleton, N. H.

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